Core Values

Fairview Outdoor’s core values show what we consider the most important attributes to us as an organization. We remain true to our values regardless of who are clients are or what their business may be. They reflect our company culture. Clients, partners, and employees alike feel that we are a unique and exciting organization in which they are proud and happy to be associated with.

We at Fairview Outdoor believe that people remain loyal to us because of these core values. Even as we continue to grow, we will never forget our values and what makes us unique and special to our clients, partners, and employees. As a result, we believe this is why we are respected and well-known and nationally recognized in the market and throughout the country.

Our values include:


  • Matching clients with the highest quality advertising mediums available
  • Celebrating the creativity and uniqueness involved with advertising and how these differ from client to client.
  • Setting high quality standards encourages us to sell the highest quality services available and meet goals and welcome challenges.
  • Welcoming and evaluating repeat business from advertisers and property owners.


  • Our client base is built with and directed mostly towards land owners and advertisers.
  • Our customers are the heart and soul of our company and of from where our core values derive from.
  • By prioritizing customer needs and desires first, we are also able to simultaneously meet the needs and satisfy other stakeholders.


  • We go to great lengths to please and reach our customers.
  • We set ourselves up to high standards and want to exceed customer expectations every time.
  • We want to be professional, knowledgeable, and helpful and provide support to them every chance we get.


  • We enjoy educating our clients and as a result have them entrust in us and provide them with knowledge in their land owning or advertising experience.
  • Most property owners and advertisers are not aware of the benefits we provide for working with us.
  • We take pride in the ability to educate them and provide them with options on how they can utilize their land to their benefit and advertise in the most effective ways and how teaming up with an outdoor advertising company like us can help them reach these goals and reap these benefits.


Empowering Work Environments

  • The overall success and growth of our company greatly depends on the creativity, intelligence, and knowledge of all our team members.
  • Fairview Outdoor is viewed as a great place to work and team members enjoy being a part of the Fairview Outdoor family.
  • Team members are also invested in and encouraged to be motivated, display a positive attitude, and reach their professional goals within the company.
  • We always take the time to appreciate and recognize extreme effort.

Independent Responsibility

  • We remain responsible for our success and failures and are not ashamed of them.
  • We celebrate and reward success and look at failures as learning experiences and where we can advance and grow.
  • We each take responsibility for our own success and grow where needed.

Independently Directed Teams

  • Independently directed teams are the major work units of the company.
  • Our company is totally team based and functions solely within those teams.
  • Teams meet on a regular basis to discuss issues, solve problems, and value one another on projects.
  • Every team member belongs to a team and is a valuable member of that team.

Open Information and Communication

  • We believe in knowledge and education for our clients as well as our team members.
  • We believe in open communication directly related to team members’ jobs as well as our books.
  • We are unique in that we take the time to listen to team members’ ideas and value them as opportunities for the company.
  • We value each team members’ thoughts and opinions and are not judgmental on points of view.

Incremental Progress

  • Fairview Outdoor continues to grow and improve by valuing all creativity and intelligence compiled by our team members.
  • We value everyone’s contributions, efforts, and opinions as part of our open information and communication policies.
  • Our ongoing experience and opportunities makes us better at what we do.



  • Our profits are calculated and analyzed carefully on a regular basis through the voluntary exchange with our customers.
  • We take profits and growth very seriously and recognize that they are important for the company’s growth, value, stability, security, and overall success.

Growth and Future

  • By taking the time to monitor growth and profit patterns, we are taking our growth and future seriously.
  • By taking our growth and future seriously, both our clients and employees with trust in us, invest in us, and depend on us.


Practicing Best Environment Policies

  • In showing respect for the environment, we take every opportunity to recycle, reuse, and reduce waste when and where possible. We attempt to “be green” at every opportunity.

Community Citizenship

  • We also take the opportunities to act as members and participants in our local community and community organizations when possible.

Business Integrity

  • We view our trade partners as allies in serving our stakeholders.
  • We respect them and treat them with fairness and integrity during each occasion and we expect the same treatment and respect in return.


Business Integrity

  • We consider our partners our allies in serving stakeholders’ interests in bringing clients highest quality advertising services available on the market and within the industry.
  • We respect them and treat them with fairness and integrity during each occasion and we expect the same treatment and respect in return.
  • We seek to establish ongoing partnerships with suppliers who also share in our goal to maintain our social responsibility to the environment.

Honesty and Communication

  • Honesty and open communication and clarity are two of what we believe are the most important items in communicating with suppliers and we expect the same in return.


  • We attempt to create transparency with whom those we work with in effort to bring the highest quality outdoor advertising services and products available to the market.


  • Fairview Outdoor believes in educating our partners in order to use the knowledge to communicate our excellent benefits and the high quality we provide in our outdoor advertising services.


  • We are able to leverage partnerships that help us to remain at the top of the outdoor advertising industry by staying ahead of creativity and applying innovative skills.
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