Media Comparisons

What makes outdoor better?

Outdoor advertising is compared with the following most popular advertising methods.


  • The increase in the Internet and other mobile technology reduces the amount of television consumption; therefore commercials aren’t effective as they once were.
  • Recording, editing, and airing TV commercials are expensive.
  • Typical television shows are directed to those of lower income.
  • For those who still watch TV, cable is cluttered with ads.


  • With the rising number of people who listen to Internet radio, iPods, or satellite radio channels, less spend time listening to one radio station.
  • Listeners who do listen to the radio on a regular basis tend to jump from station to station to hear their favorite songs rather than sit and listen to commercials.
  • Not very cost efficient. Advertisers must spend more to have their reach across multiple stations in order to be truly effective.


  • Less than 50% of people receive newspapers or subscribe to magazines.
  • Print ads are declining as they cannot compete with electronic ads and social media.
  • Due to the rise in technology, print ads seldom target young ages (18 to 24).
  • Not very cost efficient. Print advertising is still somewhat expensive.
  • Even those newspapers and magazines that still grab a variety of readers, most of them are more than 60% advertising, which clutters pages and allows readers to skip or skim over the ads.

Cost Per Impression Comparison

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