Public Service

Investing In Our Future

Fairview Outdoor is dedicated to being a responsible member of society and be an active member in the communities we serve. We also believe that we are directly responsible for the making the communities we serve better places to live and to be associated with. Fairview Outdoor donates public service advertising space to nonprofit organizations who could take advantage of advertising on an annual basis.

Protecting Our Communities

Fairview Outdoor is also committed to allow the use all the digital billboards in inventory by various municipal governments such as transportation agencies, police departments and other emergency services a way of reaching people away from their homes in an event of an emergency. Some of these messages include immediate notification of severe weather conditions, highway closures due to traffic incidents, and disaster preparedness needs.


What does the future hold for Fairview Outdoor? Fairview Outdoor would like to establish an agreement with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to display “wanted” messages on all of its digital billboards across our markets to assist with public safety messages. In addition, the FBI is able to display high-security messages relevant to the communities. We would like to assist the FBI in creating a protocol to post “hot pursuit” messages in assisting in public safety.

To submit your message to be considered for this program, please use our Contact Us form. Please include the details and ads if you have them.

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