Junior Posters

Junior Posters, also more commonly known as 8-Sheet Posters, are a great way for small or independent businesses to rise to the surface and get their name and brand out there. Junior posters or 8-Sheet posters are more effective in smaller, rural areas and among neighborhoods in a particular area. Junior posters are located mainly in urban neighborhoods and on smaller roads. They are typically designed to grab the attention of local vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians and passerby. As a result, they are typically positioned around eye level in order to grab the attention of pedestrians.

Primary Uses

Junior posters are a great option for a small, local business to promote their name and brand as well as promotional offers, such as short term seasonal or regional marketing campaigns or promotional products. In addition, they are cost-efficient and among one of the low-cost advertising solutions on the market.


Junior posters are a popular form of advertising that is targeted to a smaller range of markets. There are also backlit units available in specific markets.


  • Height: 5 feet
  • Width: 11 feet
  • Square footage: 55 square feet
  • Size and designs are similar to that of posters. See posters for more information.


  • Located closer to street level for slower, more local traffic to view, as well as pedestrians and passersby. Directed to grab the attention of smaller communities, neighborhoods, or rural areas.
  • Perfect solution for short term or seasonal promotional offers or product offers.
  • Creates brand awareness for small, independent retail shops or other businesses.
  • Encourages sales near appropriate locations.
  • Pinpoints local communities and organizations and smaller demographic areas.
  • Low-cost advertising solutions.
  • Generates brand awareness and is ideal for new product/service introductions.
  • Stimulates sales near point-of-purchase locations.
  • Smaller more local ads where larger billboards are zoned out.


  • Distributed throughout different market areas and locations. Available in most markets.
  • Located in smaller commercial areas, such as downtown shopping units or retail spaces.
  • Located typically on secondary roads with slower speed limits.
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