Wallscapes also known as Wall Murals are probably the largest free-standing ad option available. These are mostly seen in congested cities and are large enough for various audiences and locations to view. There aren’t any billboards or Wallscapes too large for us to handle. We can make literally make your message and brand stand tall and above the rest. Wallscapes are advertisements painted directly on buildings or other surfaces. They can also be painted on vinyl and attached to walls. However, it is important to note that not all walls can accommodate vinyl materials.

Wallscapes can be created in a wide array of sizes and shapes. The best part of them is that their reach is far beyond any other form of outdoor advertising. They can be seen at great distances are visible and readable to vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians. Their locations are popular in cities, large commercial areas, near major highways or freeways, as well as commuter and tourist areas. Given their immense size, Wallscapes are best for long term ads or messages.

Primary Uses

Wallscapes are most effective in large commercial or metro areas and are best served as long term ads or messages. They are conveniently located in heavily traveled or commuter locations, where in a vehicle or on foot. They also serve as a landmark and can’t be ignored.


  • Creativity in design and size are welcome for these designs.
  • Provides great exposure and reach to various locations.
  • Provides great frequency opportunities.
  • Serves dominance in particular areas.


  • Distributed throughout large areas, such as cities or high commercial areas where they would be most suitable.
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