Bulletins are the largest form of outdoor advertising mediums and provide the most impact on communities. Given their immense size, bulletins are most common and best used on major routes, highways, or freeways. Since the higher the route, the more customer density there typically is, bulletins are designed to attract various audiences of different geographic areas.

Bulletins are a powerful way to increase brand awareness for the long term. These are best utilized for a long term ad or message. Bulletins are also most effective in reaching today’s mobile society. They are also an effective way to reach commuters and travelers over a long period of time.

Primary Uses

Different types of bulletins can be used for maximum effectiveness and message delivery and impact. Check out the different bulletin styles and options to see which is best for your brand.

(Rotary Bulletin) Rotating Bulletin:

  • Designed to reach audiences at various locations (on the road, in the city, or distant locations).
  • Reach and frequency are greater since they rotate and reach various audiences in various locations.
  • Long term advertising option.
  • Maximizes brand awareness.

Permanent Bulletin:

  • Free standing structure option which maximizes reach and frequency.
  • Long term advertising option that ingrains your message in customers’ minds.
  • Provides your long term message to thousands of travelers and commuters per day.


Rotary Bulletin:

  • Height: 14′
  • Width: 48′

Permanent Bulletin:

  • Various sizes
  • Non-standard sizes also available


  • Distributed throughout various areas and available in most markets.
  • Best placed in locations that experience high traffic levels on a daily basis.
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