TriVision Bulletins

TriVision bulletins are another mobile advertising option. A TriVision bulletin is a motorized advertising sign composed of long, tightly-positioned, triangular prisms that move or flip for brief periods of time. Also electronically controlled and manipulated, TriVision bulletins are programmed to rotate every seven seconds.

Primary Uses

TriVision bulletins contain three rotating messages which all move. This will grab the attention of your audiences and cause them to focus and read your ad or message. Because audiences are distracted by the movement, they are more likely to pay attention and take note and remember your ad or message, which makes this form of outdoor advertising another effective and powerful medium to consider.

This unique form of outdoor advertising drastically increases overall impact. In fact, a recent study has shown that TriVision is one advertising format that 87% of a population actually read the message.

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