The Arbitron Airport Advertising Study

This study represents how effective outdoor advertising actually is for those frequent airline travelers across the country and even the world. Those who frequently travel via airplanes are known as “Frequent Flyers”. These particular travelers travel by plane at least four times per year. Studies have shown that these “Frequent Flyers” have certain behaviors that are important to recognize when marketing to them.

First off, studies have shown that with all the strict and enforced security measures today, more and more travelers are spending time in the airport waiting for flights or waiting to move through security checks. While they wait, they often shop and read advertising posted in the airport.

Most of these ads are directed towards the business travelers and those who sit in business class. Therefore, these ads suggest luxury goods and entertainment in order to reach the upper class market. Airport advertising should also market to their lifestyles. These high class business travelers typically purchase designer clothing, watches, perfume, and technological gadgets that are tailored to business-related products or services.

The point to take away from this is to know your target audience. If your target market is business class, then your ads should be located in areas where the business class will pay attention to those particular ads. If your target market is the stay-at-home mom, then your ads may be placed in grocery or department stores or even at local fitness centers. Know your role, know your target.

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