Investor Relationships

Fairview Outdoor’s corporate philosophy of building sustainable shareholder value is one of our main focuses. While we recognize that new technology is the main focus of most of today’s business units, shareholder value remains at the forefront of management thinking and decision making.

However, in the short term, share price does not necessarily correlate to long term shareholder value. Fairview Outdoor’s senior management team is more than qualified and experienced with handling both domestic and international operations. As a result, our senior management team has learned that five year planning yields better results for shareholders. In addition to proper planning, consistent and accurate reporting is also important in partnerships and must be established with all stakeholders, which include the interest of employees, suppliers and investors.

While some may question this concept of partnerships, management is confident that viewing the business in the twenty-first century perspective has significantly altered from the industrial based economy of the twentieth century. Today, our employees are valued for their intellectual and intelligent skills. As a result, they have a financial stake in the future of the company. Similarly, we value suppliers for their ability to provide quality product and services in order for both parties to flourish in mutually respectful and professional relationships as well as for the benefit and the future of the company.

Fairview Outdoor’s financial projections, business plan, executive summary, competitive intelligence studies, as well as presentations and other materials detailing our business plan and roadmap and have been designed to aid investors in evaluating and protecting their investments. These materials are available upon request.

Management welcomes input and questions from shareholders. Correspondence should be directed to:

Fairview Outdoor Advertising, LLC
4780 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.
Suite A101
Atlanta, GA 30338-5504

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