Poster billboard, or also more commonly referred to as 30-Sheet posters, are a step up from the local 8-Sheet posters. Poster billboard ads bring your message to a more local audience, but in a larger capacity. Although poster billboards are still targeted to local markets, they are larger and are typically found in commercial and industrial areas on major roadways or commuting routes. They are typically viewed by both commuters as well as pedestrians.

Poster billboards make a huge marketing impact. Local businesses put poster billboards on their advertising media to purchase list. These also make a direct impact on demographic specific areas. Not only do posters help maximize great brand awareness, but they also create frequency. Regardless of whether you are a retail business or a local business, consider a poster billboard to market your business and brand.

Primary Uses

Some primary uses of poster billboards include offering new products or promotions for local businesses or local retail. As mentioned above, one of the essential benefits that come with utilizing a poster is it provides frequency. Think of how many times your ad is noticed on a major roadway with your audience traveling back and forth to work, home, or school.


  • Height: 10’ 5”
  • Width: 22’ 8”


  • Targets specific ethnic or local demographics.
  • Creates customers’ state of awareness.
  • Great frequency medium.
  • Maximizes brand awareness.
  • Cost-efficient


  • Distributed throughout areas with high traffic patterns in specific demographic areas.
  • Located on most primary and secondary roadways in a given area.
  • Available in most FOA outdoor advertising markets.
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