10 Fundamental Guidelines for Creating Effective Outdoor Designs

1) Product Identification:

The advertisers’ name should be clear and prominent on the ad.

2) Short Copy:

Always strive to use short words. Strive for 10 total words, including 5 in the headline.

3) Short Words:

Using short words helps comprehension and readability quickly.

4) Large and Legible Text:

One of the most important things to consider is to make text large and bold as it must be viewed from a distance of approximately 400-800 feet.

5) Increase Line Thickness:

Increase line and stroke thicknesses.

6) Make Small Objects Large:

Larger objects are going to go over better than smaller objects.

7) Bold Colors:

Be bold! Being subtle at 600+ is being invisible.

8) High Contrast:

Higher contrast leads to higher visibility.

9) Simplify Everything:

Work with a smaller idea or message. Less is more outdoor.

10) Pre -Test Your Creativity:

If you are unsure of whether your message or design will work, you can always pre-test your creativity. View your draft for 10 seconds at 15 feet. This will give you a sense of how viewing it from the road while driving by will be for the viewer. Can you read the entire message in less than 10 seconds?

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