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How You Can Maximize Your Return on Investment? …On Your Property!

Do you own a piece of land or property? Did you know that you can make money out of it by leasing it with a billboard? Location is key. If you own a piece of property, a building, etc. that is conveniently located off a busy traffic route, major highway or freeway, you could be earning some extra revenue! Find out how…

Fairview Outdoor Advertising is committed and passionate about serving our clients as well as their needs. Our full time professional staff is prepared to answer any questions you may have related to the process, or any questions related to real estate in general. Give us a call any time! We are proud of being an industry leader in the outdoor advertising realm. Our main objective is to provide outstanding attention, service, presentation, when it comes to providing our customers, or property or land owners with the best service and building long term professional relationships with them!

See how much money you can make in monthly rent by having us put up an attractive and stunning billboard on your property! Make your property or land assets pay for themselves with little to no effort on your part! Fairview Outdoor will pick up that building and installation tasks as well as marketing the location for you.

What Do Our Structures Include?

Rest assured that you do not have to worry about any legality when it comes to our structures. Our structures meet or even exceed the toughest federal, state, and local engineering standards and requirements. Your property only requires at least nine square feet of ground space. Better yet, there is no maintenance on your part. Everything from the initial design choice through the structure installation is hassle-free! If you are worried about inconveniencing customers while we are on site and working, don’t fret! We require only a minimum amount of ground space in order to build your structure in order to avoid any inconvenience on your part and on the part of your business. We are willing to work around your schedule!

What Types Of Advertisements Will Appear On My Sign?

We see all kinds of billboards every day. Billboard advertisements are meant to attract new customers, whether they are local, tourists, businesses, or even the passersby. Our ads typically consist of sponsoring local businesses such as local restaurants, motels, real estate, auto dealerships, and other such small businesses or organizations. We even advertise local community and non-profit events.


How Much Money Can I Make?

The point is to maximize your return on property investments! While your income depends on what your land is valued at, the location, size, etc., you can make a steady monthly income by entrusting in us to get a billboard up and running on your property. Even better, by having us put up a billboard on your property, you can even help increase the resale value of your property by leasing with us

So how much is Fairview Outdoor willing to pay for advertising on your property? What we pay depends on the following criteria:

  1. Sign or banner size and type
  2. Amount of traffic in your area
  3. How visible the sign or banner is
  4. Number of other competing signs or banners in your area
  5. The demand for advertising in your area


What Happens at the End of the Contract?

Standard long-term contracts typically run about ten years. However, they can run as often as you’d like, depending on how effective the advertising scheme is. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with that long of a contract, you can also arrange for an annual contract. You can also conclude the contract at any point, with prior written notice.

What If I Decide to Sell the Property Before the End of the Contract?

If you decide to sell the property before the contract ends, you aren’t under any obligations or receive any penalties for this. The contract is only valid as long as the land or property is under your name. The current contract simply carries over to the next owner and is essentially “sold” with the property.

Why Isn’t The Rent Pay-Out Larger Than Some Other Billboard Companies?

Remember that much like owning any property, building or structure, your rent is based on the property value and location. Obviously, the pay is higher for a property or a building that is in the heart of a city rather than the suburbs. While larger billboard companies pay larger rents, that is most likely because those billboards are in areas where thousands of commuters or travellers travel that particular highway each day. Rest assured that our experience will provide you with the best offer that we think are reasonable and affordable up front. In addition, if you’ve received a better rent offer in writing from one of our competitors, we’d like to try to match it!


What Are Some Other Added Benefits?

– No Landlord Expenses:

We know that as a property or land owner, regardless if you are running a business, construction site, or whether your property sits vacant or not, being a property, or a land lord is essentially a big responsibility. That’s why as land lord, there aren’t any out-of-pocket costs at any time during the duration of the lease. 100% of the costs of maintenance, installation, operation, etc., are covered by us.

Insurance and Other Laws:

Fairview Outdoor is proud of its reputation as a properly insured and law abiding agency in the outdoor advertising world. We can also provide any references and proof to this effect upon request. Property owners are not responsible for any damages or claims to bodily injuries, physical property damage caused by our structures or employees. As mentioned above, all of our structures are completely 100% compliant with all state and federal building and structure codes and regulations.



Joining the Fairview Outdoor team is an exciting partnership to consider. Feel free to contact us to get a free site survey. You can contact us at <link>. In your request to us, we just ask that you please include the full, physical address of the site, the closest landmark, and pictures of the location, if possible.


We are always looking for new sites to expand our business upon and challenge us. Even if you own or operate on a property that already has a billboard on it, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always looking to expand and improve on properties. In addition, we look to lease from existing sites that have current advertisements on it. In the cases where you have a current agreement with another advertising company, we will pay you a lump sum upfront to compensate you for billboard rights.

Fairview Outdoor doesn’t cheap out on locations or existing billboards with potential opportunity. Our competitors cannot outbid us. We will provide a free, no obligation evaluation of your location. Please consider talking to us before signing up with anyone else.

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