How To: Submitting Art Checklist

By following these general artwork submission guides, this will reduce the likelihood and risk of any issues that can happen with the order, as well as any delays in the production schedule. The goal should be to submit artwork and printer ready files upon submission.

Color Management

Again, artwork submission files should be prepped in CMYK format. Any specific solid colors should be provided with the exact PMS pantone code.


For vinyl bulletins or banners, there should be a standard 6″ inch bleed in the margins. Be sure to include the recommended bleed for the product being ordered. If you are unsure how much bleed is required for you product, be sure to check with one our product submission specialists. Feel free to contact us .

File Format

We typically work in Photoshop and work within five following file formats: To ensure the best file conversion, please submit your art and files in .PSD, .PDF, .EPS, .TIF, .JPG. You can always contact one of our product submission specialists for assistance in converting native application files from Quark and InDesign to PDF files.

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