Ad Building Tactics

Five Sign Campaign Executions to Consider:

Humor and Intrigue

Any design is effective if it has humor incorporated into it. Humor is also powerful on its own and requires less media and interaction. Humor is one of the most favorite responses among viewers. Intrigue also provides another powerful response. Intrigue involves using words or pictures that is formed in a sort of puzzle or double-meaning.

Element of Surprise

Surprise is another great element to audiences. Surprise can be created by using unexpected and unique design elements. Surprise elements will provide a double-meaning and cause the viewer to look at the ad again and will provide some sort of emotional response in which the message is easily remembered and comprehended at that point.


Aesthetics are also another important element in design. Ads and any kind of marketing publication should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Ads should also be eye-catching and appealing.


Messages that are too literal produce the lowest response among outdoor advertising viewers. If you are trying to build up your brand, being literal isn’t the way to go. Using literal wording will only be recognized if your brand is. Start out by building your brand and your message.

In short, Keep It Simple!

Five Definite Design Tactics:

  • Location
  • Physical Orientation
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Recency

Remember: You need to get noticed at first glance, your message should be remembered, and your brand should be recognized.

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