Digital Billboards

Digital billboards, which are also known as Electronic LED billboards, are the advertising medium of the future. Digital billboards use new and innovative technology to grab the attention of our technologically-minded consumers and society. How do they work? Digital billboards are similar to a TV screen or what you would see in the center of a hockey rink or basketball court. They are static messages that rotate in a set time, typically every few seconds. Digital billboards typically show six to eight advertisers in the matter of a few minutes.

Primary Uses

Digital billboards create a high impact by utilizing the latest technology. They are appealing and grab the attention of various audiences. While they may seem expensive, they are actually extremely cost-effective. Since the messages are controlled by a computer, there are no production or installation costs.

Digital billboards are an effective and powerful form of outdoor advertising. They also offer the flexibility and ability to change your ad or message in a short span of time. This allots time for creativity or sending time-sensitive messages to audiences. The standard turnaround time for instant messages is approximately 24 hours. Messages are also delivered in clear, colorful, and vibrant messages that are appealing and attractive, so your ad won’t run into another advertiser and still has the ability to stand out. Not to mention, it’s a cool way to advertise, and your audience will think so too!

Standard size

  • Standard sizes range from 10 x30 to 12 x 40

Overall Size

  • Sizes are similar to typical billboards and posters


  • High frequency
    Like any other form of outdoor advertising, digital ads work even while you don’t. Digital ads provide great frequency and can be seen by all audiences at any time of day or night.
  • 24-hour copy changes
    Take advantage of the ease of displaying or changing messages by updating your message on a regular basis. Standard turn around time for altering messages is 24 hours.
  • No extra production costs
    Since there isn’t any upfront production work or processes, this is an extremely cost-effective approach to advertising. Since everything is digital, what is there to produce? The only thing you have to worry about is what your ad or message will say. And if you have a better idea, change it!
  • Flexibility
    Feel free to be as creative and change your mind or your ad or message as often as you’d like. Digital advertising provides the flexibility to change the style or appearance of your ad at any time.
  • High traffic locations
    Not only do digital billboards provide a lot of great benefits, specifically flexibility and cost, they are also positioned among high traffic or high commuter locations.
  • Latest technology
    By choosing digital billboards as your advertising medium go-to, rest assured that all the latest and greatest technology will be incorporated into displaying your ad or message. This includes LED technology.
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