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Why should you choose Fairview Outdoor

You may be wondering why Fairview Outdoor. Here is quick list why.
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Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Because this is the only media that cannot be ignored by your demographic. According to studies, we are spending more time driving than ever before. Therefore, greater number of people and for longer periods, Americans are exposed to outdoor billboards
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Media Comparisons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the major media formats? How does outdoor complement them? Why is outdoor advertising a good choice?

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Media Strategy

Use your media planning and strategy skills to put advertising dollars to work.
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The Arbitron Airport Advertising Study

Airline travelers, especially Frequent Flyers, are some of the most affluent and upscale consumers in the U.S. The Arbitron Airport Advertising Study shows how you can reach these consumers via a relatively untapped advertising medium—airport advertising.
Due to new security restrictions, travelers are spending more time in airports than ever before. Tap into this “captive audience” of sophisticated consumers by advertising to their lifestyles, not just their business needs.
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Why Outdoor?

In a time when traditional media is often ignored or tuned out, smart marketers have the opportunity to benefit from the advertising billboards can offer. The billboard ads on highways and in the city landscape announce what’s hot; they define the trends, and create the buzz. Brands are built on our roadways, where your audience is receptive to the high-impact advertising billboards offer. Billboard signs help us decide what to eat, what beverage to drink and what shops to shop at. They act as guides, directing us to hotels, gas stations and restaurants. Billboard ads help us find businesses and help businesses find us. Billboard advertisements are great communicators.
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10 Reasons Why Billboards Work

Billboards offer tremendous audience reach and impression frequency, incredible recall rate and minimum wasted coverage. Find out more reasons why outdoor advertising billboards work so well.
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