Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards refer to posting ads on buses or taxis. Buses and taxis spend all day driving in and out of heavily traveled areas as well as to places where there are often crowds. Even in one particular bus route that wraps over and over and on a daily basis can still be effective advertising form. Think of the audience that will view your ad in just one day!

Mobile billboards reach thousands and thousands of people a day, in various geographic areas and in various demographics. Even though the same people may ride the same bus to work and home every day, the potential for frequency is high. Not to mention, mobile billboards are also at eye level for pedestrians and riders making the customer reach potential also high. As a result, mobile billboards will help maximize and increase brand awareness and effectiveness.

While mobile billboards reach typically the same commuters and city residents each day, think of the millions that travel to major sporting events, or events at large concert venues, or stadiums. This will grab the attention of new travelers, tourists, and other visitors that will see your message and think of you and your product or service in the future.

Mobile billboards don’t just stop at buses or taxis; they are also available for subways, commuter rail trains, etc. This helps reach the every day commuters, tourists, and those looking to travel to the city or high-populated areas for play.


  • Penetrates every part of a community with dynamic displays.
  • Delivers high profile exposure near point-of-purchase locations.
  • Generates quick recall which can establish brand awareness.
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